Stay aHead Series (cont)

Flattr, Critterism and Aviary

FlixMaster, Scriball and Winston

Swipp, Ditlo and Hipmob

Vinepeek, Cube26 and Tinder

Fleksy, Branch and CouchCachet

Leap Motion, Unpakt and Grokr

Videogram, Gyft and Tred

SeatID, HERE Maps and LearnStreet

Shareist, Eta Devices and OffersBy.Me

Pinbooster, Chirpify and Icenium

SeeSaw, Peek and Pinalytics, CloudAxis and Shelby Genius

StyleSaint, TypeScript, and Wantful

MindMeld, YourMechanic and Memstash

Dekko, Livebolt and HeatData

Referly, Flightfox and Lumia launch

Branch, Google Octane and HTML 5

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