Webdoc: Too Early for Disruption?

Everyday I make an effort to uncover emerging technologies, how they can be utilized, and if I feel like they are sustainable over time. Over the past few years, I have made a serious effort to avoid shiny object syndrome and clearly separate the “me-too-regurgitation” from true innovation. Having an adequate understanding of the tech behind these entrants generally makes this a much easier task. However, it is impossible to predict additional factors like funding, strategic partnerships, acquisitions, lawsuits, etc. Regardless, every now and then, I will come across something I believe has the potential for instant disruption. A recent example of this is Webdoc and the only thing I question is if the timing is right? Continue reading

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Get Noticed with BO.LT

Tired of getting dissed by recruiters? Let’s be real…sending out resumes and cover letters are just no longer an effective strategy, particularly when attempting to land a position in social media or IT. Depending on the organization, getting noticed may vary from difficult to nearly impossible. Leveraging your digital assets is essential, but what can you do to really capture some immediate attention? Here’s something to consider… Continue reading

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A Second Chance at Social?

The highly anticipated next chapter in “The Social Iteration” by Google (+) has finally emerged. Let’s avoid wasting time talking about beta invites or criticizing its current functionality. Take a step back from the hype for a moment and think about what this ambitious play really means. Could this shiny Facebook alternative deliver just the “second chance at social” we need? Continue reading

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Bre.ad: Key Ingredient or Tasteless Promo?

When it comes to shortening URLs, bit.ly has been my weapon of choice for conserving characters, tracking analytics, and general organization. However, there is an appetizing startup looking to help you chef-up some additional flavor. Currently in private beta, Bre.ad gives shortened URLs five seconds of personalized promo before taking you to the final destination (ex: http://bre.ad/0ccfyw). Although yet to be released publicly, there has already been plenty of debate over its value proposition. An undoubtedly clever execution, but is this the reincarnation of the pop-up ad masquerading as self-expression? Let’s explore this in greater detail… Continue reading

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7 Deadly Sins of Sentiment Analysis

When it comes to monitoring and measuring social media there are plenty of tools to choose from ranging from the entirely free to the incredibly pricey. Generally, you will get what you pay for on the lower end of the spectrum, but the value really tends to vary once you cross over the $500 per month threshold.

As firehose data access becomes increasingly commoditized, it is the depth of analysis that truly differentiates these solutions. Terms like natural language processing (NLP), text analytics, and artificial intelligence (AI) have become all the rage. However, it is sentiment analysis that has received the most hype and it is frightening how often it is abused.

The following will examine some critical mistakes to avoid when analyzing sentiment… Continue reading

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+0.02 on Google +1

When it comes to social, Google has failed to successfully execute. As captivating as Wave initially sounded, it turned out to be nothing more than a learning experience. Many feel the premature timing may have prevented it from living up to its hype. Getting there too early can be equally as devastating as being late to the party like the recent Buzz-kill that will never catch up to Twitter’s traction. Despite previous attempts at social, Google +1 certainly has the search expertise to back any efforts they decide to launch. What can we expect as Google strategically ventures deeper into “social search”? Is this the unofficial beginning of “Google Circles”? Continue reading

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The emergence of the internet may have given anyone in the world a unique voice, but it is the recent proliferation of social graphs that have given these voices both credibility and real-time reach. The once fragmented shouting match of the Web has now been refined to personalized networks, organized communities, and unique identities. People are now able to instantly reach out to anyone with a shared interest, passion, friend, location, etc. Uncensored peer reviews offer more trustworthy opinions than the neatly packaged 30-second Madison Ave propaganda of the past. Continue reading

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